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Yet Another Windows 8 Bug… Home Sharing folders flip back to read-only

Extraordinary – in a matter of days I’ve discovered yet another bug with Windows 8 (for the first see this post).

If you have a folder on a Windows 8 machine, that is set to “read/write permissions for Homegroup users” then the permissions get reset to read-only after every reboot.

It doesn’t seem as if there’s an official solution yet, though there appear to be some workarounds suggested on Technet. I might try one of these and will report back on the outcome.

This is another example of a truly fundamental usability bug with Windows 8, and the quality of the product is really starting to undermine my confidence in the product. I know others have questioned the usability (even sanity) of the New Look Interface (Metro), or the absence of the Start button, but frankly I think usability questions pale into insignificance compared to the basic nature of these recent bugs with Win 8.

An update – this seems to be related to the use of Libraries. If you remove the folder from any Libraries then the write permissions remain sticky. I guess it’s when Libraries are “Mounted” the permissions of enclosed folders get updated somehow. Still it remains a very poor situation.

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